How to send sold clothes to buyers

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Most online stores ship sold clothes to buyers. If you have some clothes that you want to ship to a buyer, then we will guide you on how to send them. Buyers like to receive their clothing on time after buying them.


Most clothes are sent in a plastic envelope known as a poly mailer. The envelopes are cheap and practical because the garment will slide in and they can be easily fastened. It is, therefore, essential to pack the clothes well. Buyers are likely to reject clothes that are crumpled mess. The first step when packaging the cloth is to get a large and enough space to fold the clothes efficiently. There are plenty of guides that you can read to know how to fold clothes efficiently.

After folding the clothes, you should wrap the clothes in an extra layer of wrapping. This will ensure that the clothes are not damaged by water during shipping. The extra wrap will cost you very little, and it is worth it. You should always avoid attaching the shipping labels after putting the clothes into the wrap.

Sending your clothes

When the clothes are ready to be shipped, you should decide how you want your customer to collect them. There are generally two options. You can send the clothes via courier, or you can drop the packages at the local drop off center. The courier will then pick the package from there.

Shipping strategy

Some basic things set a foundation for your shipping. You should understand your shipping rates and methods. Some clothes sellers pass the full cost of shipping clothes to their customers while others offer flat-rate or free shipping to absorb all or some of the cost.

Product weights

Measure and update the weight of your product to streamline the shipping process. This will help you know the total costs of shipping your product. You can then pass accurate shipping costs to customers.

Shipping insurance

Shipping insurance can give a great deal of garment security. Insurance and tracking are cheap with most carriers and provides the resources in case one of your packages gets damaged or get lost. Consider purchasing insurance to cover you in case a package gets lost. You should keep in mind that some shipping services have incorporated insurance in their prices so you should always consider this when choosing a courier.


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