Biggest clothing shipping and fulfillment problems and their solutions

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Shipping clothes to buyers can be a headache to clothing sellers. Some of the challenges include damaged products, lost products, and hidden fees. It is a complex process to get the product to customers, and there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Before shipping the first package, you might find yourself confused in the paperwork as you try to decode a matrix of taxes, logistics, and customs. You might face challenges after your package has arrived. Here are some of the biggest clothing shipping challenges and their solutions.

Shipping clothes internationally

There’s a high chance you will get customers from outside your country and home even if you target the local market. Shipping items globally can be challenging at first, but it is not complicated. It is easy to understand international shipping with the right resources. The rates depend on a variety of things such as the size of the package, the departing country, the package weight, insurance, destination country and more. Most package couriers offer calculators online to give you an idea of your shipping costs.

Keeping the shipping cost low

As a clothing seller, it is important to reduce your budget when it comes to shipping. You should research options for cost-cutting to reduce your shipping costs. You can reduce the costs by comparing prices between carriers, purchasing discounted supplies via Shopify, buying and printing discounted labels, using courier provided packaging, and investing in flat rate shipping.

Replacing damaged or lost clothes

Sometimes things happen beyond your control during the shipping process. Your package may not make it onto the delivery truck, or the package may arrive at the customer’s doorstep when it is completely broken or bent. Such things can build or ruin your reputation depending on how you deal with them. Damaged or lost products can happen to everyone so you can deal with this problem by buying shipping insurance to protect your business from losses on damaged products.

Shipping can sometimes be challenging. The above solutions should make things easier for you. With the above solutions, you can deal with shipping changes and improve customer satisfaction in your business. Replacing damaged or lost products and following up on the customer with an apology can increase the customer trust and the customer will come back to buy clothing from you.


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